Meet the POP Team

Clare - POP Bakery Founder 
I worked for a couple of catering companies before starting POP so basically my whole career after Uni is cake POPs! I'm currently on maternity leave but checking in weekly with the team and still enjoying running our instagram account. You can read all about how I started POP bakery and our story over the years here

I love interiors almost as much as I love cakes, you can follow my interiors instagram here @clarkyoconnell


Min - Production supervisor
I have a background in film as a stop motion animator, director, and puppet maker, but working at Pop Bakery helps me open up my skills to a wider audience. Making you happy makes me happy 😊


Tori - Production Manager/ POP Maker
Hailing from a small Northern town, I graduated in 2017 with a first class degree in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art. As well as my much loved role at the bakery, I am still a practicing artist. Working mainly in costume, sculpture, performance and film, both solo and as part of DANKCollective.