What is a cake POP?
A cake POP is a cocoa based cake crumbled and mixed with cream cheese icing, shaped in to a character or object of your choice and dipped in melted candy, finally painted to perfection.

Pop Bakery cake pop with a bite taken out

How big is a cake POP
Roughly the size of a golf ball when round (4-5cm)

How long do the cake POPs last?
The POPs last for up to 10 days in the fridge.

How do we ensure the POPs arrive safely?
We package our POPs in our signature patterned boxes filled with lots of zigzag paper which has proven a very successful protective filling to ensure they arrive in good condition. We can't however assure that POPs turn up in tact in hot weather. We do include little ice pouches to help them stay cool but won't offer refunds if they are damaged because of hot weather. 

Is there a minimum order of designs?
There is a minimum order of 10 POPs per order, this also applies to the design so you can’t mix and match less than 10 I’m afraid.

Can I have a bespoke design?
Yes of course, all our designs were once bespoke, customers inspire us daily to come up with new and exciting POPs!

Is there a discount on bulk order?
Sorry all our POPs are individually priced and as of the handmade nature of the product the price doesn’t reduce with bulk.

What are the ingredients of the POPs?
All the POPs are made up of different colours and ingredients but here is a list of them all. 

Cake - Eggs, sugar, butter, flour, cocoa, cream cheese, icing sugar
Candy Melts - sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernal oil, milk protein, while milk solids, non fat dry milk solids, emulsifier, salt, flavouring, E133, E110, E129, E132, E102, E171
POP Paint- Alcohol, confectioners glaze, glycerin.
Decorations - Sugar Paste, gum tragacanth
Sprinkles- Starch, glucose syrup, glazing agents (E903),Corn starch, carnauba wax, wheat starch, vegetable oil, beeswax.

What are the Allergens?


Regarding NUTS - the candy melts ( coating on the POPs) are made in a factory where other nut products are made so may have come in to contact with nuts. 

Are there any food additives in the cake POPs?
Like most brightly coloured confectionary there are E-numbers specifically in the decorations we use on the cake POPs which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Can I order via telephone?
Ideally everyone would order online but if you really have a pressing question that can’t be expressed via email we have a phone number on the contact page you can use. 

Can I include a note?
Our 'Made to Order' section do not offer this option but all our 'ready to go' boxes come with a section on the side of the packaging where we can write a short note for you. 

Do you deliver worldwide?
Sorry but at this stage in the company we cannot cater for outside the UK.

What are the dimensions of POP including stick?
The POPs are about 4cm when round and the sticks roughly 15cm, the thickness of the stick is 4.5mm if you require this for a bespoke display

Do you do other flavours?
No, there's no need for other flavours, chocolate wins hand down.

Do you giftwrap?
All our 'Made to Order' POPs come packaged to perfection in our staple leopard print designed boxes. We have now launched an exciting array of 7 gift 'wraps' for our 'Ready to Go' section of the website. 

How much is delivery?
8 to 16 POPs = £8
17 to 48 POPs = £12.50
49 to 96 POPs = £17
97 to 200 POPs = £30
Please contact us if you want to order more than 96 POPs

Will I have to sign for my package?
YES! So please be in, they will send you an eta in the morning with a one hour delivery slot so you can arrange the rest of your day.